President’s Message

Dear Friends,

2015…where have you gone? It’s certainly hard to believe the days are already getting shorter. We hope you’re enjoying this summer so far. Jubilee Days, Frontier Days, and those Wyoming summer evenings make this area the best place to live on earth.

Speaking of the best, we hope you’re finding our products and services to be top-notch and easy to use. We’ve upgraded our Business Online page to make things easier and to look a bit more Wyo. Mobile Deposit is here and allowing for easy deposits anywhere you go. Here inside the bank, we’ve re-worked our entire network to makes things safer and more secure for your information. There is no tolerance for something only average here at Wyoming State Bank. We hope you’ll join us for the upcoming Security Seminars early July.

As always, thank you for banking with us. We truly appreciate your business and value your patronage. Please let us know if there’s something we can do to help you or serve you better. Feel free to stop by and say hello. We appreciate being a part of this great community and hope you have a great summer.

Gary Crum, President & CEO

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