11/28/2016: College Student’s Guide to Choosing a Checking Account

Choosing a checking account may be one of the first big financial decisions college students make. Finding the right place to keep your money can be challenging, with all kind of different incentives and benefits based on the bank and type of account. It can be difficult to know what to look for and know […]

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09/13/2016: Maintaining Good Finances is a Lifelong Endeavor – Get It Started Right

Youth is a time for discovering yourself and maybe even living life a bit recklessly. Everyone makes mistakes, some of which are easily rectified later and others that can have more long-term consequences. Financial missteps can unfortunately be one of the latter mistakes that could potentially follow a young person around for decades. There are […]

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11/05/2015: ALERT: Sales calls from “Discover Marketing Support”

UPDATE: This may actually be Discover calling and soliciting business. Western States Bank is in NO WAY affiliated and do not endorse Discover services. If you choose to discuss with these callers, please do so at your own risk. Please be advised of solicitation activity taking place. The comapny will call your place of business […]

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07/28/2015: Healthiest Banks in Wyoming

Wyoming State Bank has been recognized as the safest bank in Wyoming and #63 out of 7000 banks in the United States according to the Wyoming Business Report. Learn why by clicking the button below. Click Here to View Article

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11/07/2014: Wyoming State Bank & Laramie GM Autocenter Team Up to Educate Laramie’s Youth

Recently Wyoming State Bank and Laramie GM Autocenter to bring Automotive Education to Laramie’s Youth. The troops of the local Boy Scout’s chapter got a great lesson from the team at GM Autocenter, as well as the Wyoming State Bank staff in attendance. To Learn more about Larmaie GM Autocenter visit their website at LaramieGM.com

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