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Business Fee Schedule

The following fees may be associated with products or services offered by Western States Bank for Business Accounts.  Other fees, not listed here may apply. Occasionally, it is necessary to change these fees. If we make any changes, we will notify you 30 days prior to the implementation of any change. This schedule is current as of May 11, 2022.

View the Fee Schedule for Personal Accounts here.

Overdraft Paid / Returned$33.00
Returned Deposit Item$5.00
Dormant Account Fee (per month)$10.00
Outgoing Domestic Wire$15.00
Outgoing International Wire$50.00
ATM Foreign Transaction Fee  (use of an ATM that is not WSB, MoneyPass, or Cardtronics)$3.00
Check Cashing (non-customer)1%
Currency Purchase (per $100)$2.50
Coin Counting$5.00
Foreign Currency Handling (customer)$25.00
Foreign Check Processing$10.00
Night Depository Bags$25.00
Multiple Mailings (per address)$2.00
Statement Copies (per statement)$10.00
Item Copies (per item)$1.00
Photocopies (per page)$0.20
Reconcile & Research (per hour, 1 hour minimum)$25.00
Special Cut-off Statement Printing$5.00
Check Image CD-ROM$20.00
Statement-Special Handling$25.00
Collections (incoming and outgoing, coupons, oil, gas drafts)$20.00


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