Consolidated Statements

In order to help you simplify your finances, Wyoming State Bank is happy to begin offering consolidated statements.  For customers who have multiple accounts at our bank, the statements for these accounts can now be combined and sent as one mailing.  To take advantage of this opportunity, we have provided a link to the authorization form for you to complete and mail to us.  Some accounts are not available for consolidation, please review the restrictions listed on the authorization form.

We’ve also asked on the authorization form that you include your e-mail address.  Wyoming State Bank does not send junk mail or sell your information to other parties.  In the future, we will be sending out occasional e-mails to let you know about special events, new products available, weather closures, etc.  Please remember to include your e-mail address so that you can be included in this new service.

We are excited to be able to offer you these new services, and are confident you will find them beneficial to your banking needs.  Wyoming State Bank thanks you for choosing us for your financial needs.

Feel free to contact one of our convenient locations with any questions

Laramie Cheyenne (Pershing) Cheyenne (Yellowstone)
Phone:  (307)721-9100
Fax:  (307)721-9102
Phone:  (307)637-7333
Fax:  (307)632-0733
Phone:  (307)634-3304
Fax:  (307)634-3309

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