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Same-Day ACH

What is the same-day ACH rule?

On September 23, 2016, NACHA (the National Automated Clearing House Association) implemented a new rule allowing same-day settlement for eligible ACH credit transactions and non-monetary transactions that are processed by the ACH Network. This new rule will allow for faster funds availability, reduced risk, and new payment opportunities.

Are there limits for same-day ACH payments?

Yes. Individual transfers will be limited to $25,000 for qualifying standard entry class codes, such as PPD (used for corporate-to-consumer payments) and CCD (used for corporate payments). This limit applies to individual transactions and not to the ACH batch total. If a same-day ACH batch includes items that are under $25,000 and items that are over $25,000, the items that are over $25,000 would be originated with an effective date equal to the next processing day.

Are banks required to participate in same-day ACH processing?

No. The rule requires that banks are able to receive and process same-day transactions, but the ability to send same-day ACH transactions is not a requirement.

Is there a fee to process same-day ACH transactions?

Yes. To support the new same-day ACH rule, the originating company will be assessed a fee per same- day ACH processed.

Where can I obtain more information about the same-day ACH rule?

NACHA maintains a reference site for all ACH users at: https://resourcecenter.nacha.org. You may also contact Western States Bank’s eBanking Department at 866-252-7801 if you have any further questions.


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